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Based on the Blood Type Diet Tips
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Diet is not only done by people who are obese to lose weight alone. However, people who are already too thin can also go on a diet to maintain body shape in order to stay slim and proportionate. Even diet nowadays is a part of a healthy lifestyle that is done by many people.

Dietary patterns between one person and another is certainly different from each other. Diet done by someone is not necessarily effective if done by someone else. That's because food intake needs of each person is different. One of the factors that cause any divergence of these needs are blood type. If you want to do an effective diet to lose weight, then you can adjust your diet with your blood type diet so that you do can deliver maximum results for you. Here are some tips diet based on blood type that you can try.

1. Blood Type A
For those of you who have blood type A, it is advisable to be a vegetarian by eating vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds. You can also eat sea fish but in smaller portions than other menus. There are good you do not eat meat, because of blood type A usually does not have enough stomach acid to digest the meat that goes into the stomach. Foods that contain carbohydrates and fats also should avoid.
In addition to adjusting the diet, you also need regular exercise to get into shape proportioned and also maintain a healthy body. The type of exercise that suits you the owner of blood group A is a light exercise such as walking, tai chi and yoga.
2. Blood Type B
The owners of the B blood type did not really have too many restrictions in the food consumed. However, if you're a diet program you should not be eating too many foods such as chicken, grains, rice, beans, and wheat. You who have blood type B are encouraged to eat rabbit meat, mutton, seafood, and other foods high in protein such as eggs, tempeh, and tofu.
For sports, you can do moderate physical activity like bernang, walk, dance, and ballet.
3. Blood Type AB
Your blood group AB can generally be easily adjust themselves to different types of food. Still, it helps you avoid consuming duck eggs, crab, soft drinks, greasy foods, and products containing milk. Foods that are recommended for the blood type AB is the owner of sea fish, rabbit, lamb, tofu, and green tea. You also need to consume vegetables and meat portions are balanced and not excessive.
As for exercise, it helps you do light exercise-light just like jogging, yoga, and other relaxation exercises. Do exercise regularly iini intensity.
4. Blood Type O
Blood Type O is suitable eating meat rich in protein content. That's because you have the stomach acid more than owners of other blood, so that you can easily digest that goes into the stomach. Vegetables and seafood are also highly recommended for your consumption. You should avoid foods that are vegetables that contain a lot of lectins, grains, nuts, wheat, and dairy products.
For exercise, you can do sports like jogging, cycling, and swimming regularly.


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