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Benefits Pull Up To Body
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Surely you who like to exercise is not foreign to pull up. Yes, this one sport is a sport that many people do prosses regards the formation of muscles so the body looks more athletic and also have a healthy body. Usually this sport can build muscle at the top so that it makes the body look etletis.
Pull up is done by hanging the body on a cross with both hands and pulled tubub up until your body is parallel to the chin. If you are able, you can also pull the body to exceed the cross where your hands rivet.
Here are some benefits to the body pull ups.

1. In Part Arm Body Shaping
By doing pull up right and done with ample servings, as already recommended to form body parts. Has arms that looked strong and muscular can make him look cool ssemakin. Therefore, do not be surprised if the arm is a part of the body to be formed by the men. In addition to exercise, you should also membarenginya by eating healthy foods that contain a lot of nutrients such as protein content. Protein itself is very nice to help the formation of muscle mass. To get the protein, you can eat meat, fish, and nuts kacant.
2. Forming Part Shoulder
Usually when performing strenuous muscle exercises like pull ups can not only form the muscles of the arm, but also can build muscle in the shoulder. So that the muscles in the shoulder may be formed entirely, you can do pull ups on a regular basis with the way your body hang on the crossbar and the hands rested crossbar.
3. Membrntuk Body Part Chest
Besides being able membantuk shoulder and arm muscles, other impacts of doing pull ups exercises also felt with the formation of the muscles in the chest. Dada is also one part of the body to be formed by many men. The changes seen in the chest while doing pull ups exercise routine is becoming berbidang chest-field or commonly called the sixpack chest. Chest sixpac preferred by women because they think if the guy looks like a sportsman who has vadan cool and eye-catching.
4. Forming Body Part Squad
Pull up exercise was also to build muscle in the back. Just like the other parts that change. On the back can also experience a change of workout pull up is done routinely, namely back into look bigger and width that makes him so cool and athletic.
5. Opening Hands Body Parts
Exercise pull up that essentially use a hand to hold the bars and lower yourself ascending course also affected, namely the hands become more muscular and strong.
Exercise pull ups fall into the category CKC exercises or Closed Kinetic Chain, where the practice is similar to the movement of push ups, sit ups, and squat which is a sport that is quite heavy and are required to do with taknik correct. If until one certainly can cause bad effects such as muscle injury that takes a long time for healing to get back to normal. To eliminate muscular injuries can by doing exercises kiss knee.

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