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Trailer Most Steals Attention At Comic-Con 2016
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Comic-Con International: San Diego again spoil the visitors by holding a series of events held oada on 21 to 24 July. Tahunana event that became a feast for lovers of pop culture, it's become one of the most awaited event of people every year. That's because Comic-Con became the first Yag released information about comics, fantasy and science fiction genre of literature that awaited.
This year, Comic-Con, Marvel Studis, and DC show snippets from a long list of movie superhero da supervillain that they will release this year and also next year. In addition to the trailer of the superhero film, there are also many other trailer shown at the event. Among the many trailers that are shown, here are some of the most steal the trailer at Comic-Con 2016.

1. Justice League
Justice League is arguably a continuation of the film Vatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In this film shows the action of Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman and The Cyborg. Superman is one of the members of the Justice League has not been shown to us on the trailer. That's because in the previous film, Superman died while fighting monsters in the film BVS. However, sispa who knows, it could be the DC to give a surprise to the audience later. The film is scheduled for release in November 2017.
2. Wonder Woman
Who is not familiar with the figure of Wonder Woman? Superhero woman who has this remarkable power drew the attention of many viewers when she appeared in the film Batman v Superman. Because of that, The DC making movies with Wonder Woman as the main character. In the movie trailer shown Wonder Woman and magical acts very cool. The film is planned for release on June 2, 2017.
3. Doctor Strange
It was no doubt if the film is scheduled for release on December 4 next Novermber is indeed a charismatic cast jajarab. But that's only become armpits pull the data from this film. Film Doctor Strage mentioned will evolve Marvel Cinematic Universe with the power of magic and the supernatural that has not previously been found in the movies Marvel others. The film is worth the wait because it has a story that is very exciting and interesting.
4. King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword
Stelah adapted many times, finally turn Guy Ritchie who adapted the film about King Arthur and Excalibur sword. Distinctive touch given by the director of the film is instantly able to attract the attention of movie lovers around the world. This film direnanakan will release on March 24, 2017.
5. Suicide Squad
In addition to showing the trailer Justice League and Wonder Woman, while at Comic-Con, DC also features the film's most eagerly awaited of the year. Yes, especially if not Suicide Swuad. Inside the trailer is motivated by SoundTrax remix of the movie supervillain. Plus the new scenes to make the audience becomes curious and can not wait to watch the movie in bioskop.Villain that is in the movie sesunggunnya a big question mark. Ditampilan footage looks like it can not add to the curiosity of the audience. The film is planned for release on August 5 this year.

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